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i might make a return to this blog, things are slow on ameliamk follow me over there it’s my main blog now

instagram @milliemk

i’m not gonna delete hiyamiles because i’ll use my archive for my new blog and i want to keep nice messages and stuff but this blog wont be in use if u want me i’ll be over on thank u BYE

Anonymous: why are you deleting?

I do not enjoy this blog anymore I think atleast 1/3 of my followers have come from my buy me underwear post n that makes me feel v uncomfortable and I know I made the post n stuff but I didn’t expect that many notes n it annoys me I don’t wanna be found by friends from that post it makes me look SO bad plus I spend too much time on here its probably best I put less time into a smaller blog with just my mutuals

sorry friends i’m gonna have to delete this blog but i will remake n follow all my mutuals probably


Pixel Boat by Jon Siegel on Flickr.

My best friend gave birth to her son this morning I am so so happy!


Thresholds by rwchicago on Flickr.

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